To reuse or not to reuse

Eric S. Raymond once wrote in How to become a hacker: No problem should ever have to be solved twice. Indeed, reuse is one of the central ideals in computer science. Yet when faced with the vast landscape of open source Java libraries and frameworks, I began to believe that it is sometimes better to […]

There is hope

I’ve been playing computer games since about 1992, and those I used to play were clearly made with love down to the tiniest detail. I’m talking about stuff like Monkey Island and Final Fantasy VII here. Almost twenty years later, browsing the games in a local store, I see mostly trash: Cheap quiz games, ugly […]

The illusion of privacy

There is quite a ruckus about privacy problems in communities such as Facebook and Battle.Net lately. The problem is apparently that the provider made data available to a group of users that wasn’t supposed to see it. My opinion: If you have something to hide, don’t entrust it to strangers. This is true for both […]