Eclipse Color Theme 0.12

We’ve just released version 0.12 of the Eclipse Color Theme plugin. It’s been a year since the last release, so there are a couple of changes. Most notably, the following new editors are now supported:

  • Erlang (ErlIDE)
  • haXe (eclihx)
  • Clojure (Counterclockwise)
  • Go (GoClipse)

Check out the full change log to see what else changed.

Roger and I haven’t done much work on the plugin or the site in the past year, but we’re both eager to move it forward and are working on some interesting ideas right now, stay tuned.

On a related note, since people ask for this a lot: If you’re using Eclipse Juno and have been desperate to get a nice dark UI theme to go along with our dark editor themes, check out Roger’s Dark Juno.