Android Market without GMail

I recently got my first Android phone, a humble HTC Wildfire. While I’m overall very happy with Android (have been working on my first app since I got it, and I’m writing this very Blog post on the phone), the Market annoyed me by being unstable and requiring me to set up a GMail account. That’s right: not a regular Google account, an actual GMail account. I, “and many others”:, find that ridiculous.

Yet eventually I surrendered and got one, which I could luckily register through my existing Google account. Annoyed by the Market’s instability, I deleted the GMail account, and noticed that I could still use the Market, downloading both free and paid apps.

Apparently it is Android’s Google account setup wizard that forces you to get a GMail account, not the Market. So just create a temporary GMail account with your regular Google account, complete Android’s Google account wizard and delete the GMail account. That’s it, Android Market without GMail (sort of).

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  1. Hi,

    I am not sure I understand how to do it.

    I have a Google Apps account, using my adress

    Where do I register a Gmail account? Within the domain dashboard? (This costs extra for me since I have a paid account).

    I also have, can I not use that in stead?

    When I try to register it in my Samsung Galaxy I get a timeour error.

    Thanks for help,


  2. I logged in at Google using a regular Google account (i.e. not Google Apps) and created a GMail account at the following site:

    I don’t think it is possible to link existing GMail account with another Google account, maybe that’s the cause of the timeout error.

  3. Is it possible to create a gmail account without giving them your cell phone number? I’ve tried to create one even with a regular account and it keeps asking me for a phone number to activate.

  4. When I attempt to create an account on, I’m not asked for my cell phone number. Did you perhaps opt into two step authentication somewhere?

  5. You said “I deleted the GMail account”. Where? Inside your Google Account or should I do something in the phone too?

  6. I did it in my Google Account settings (, Edit (next to “My Products”) and then “Permanently delete GMail account” (or something similar). Nothing to do on the phone.

  7. Thanks for the tip 🙂 I had to press “return to the old version” or something similar (my page is in Norwegian) at the bottom of the screen. The rest was just like you wrote above.

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