Android Market without GMail

I recently got my first Android phone, a humble HTC Wildfire. While I’m overall very happy with Android (have been working on my first app since I got it, and I’m writing this very Blog post on the phone), the Market annoyed me by being unstable and requiring me to set up a GMail account. That’s right: not a regular Google account, an actual GMail account. I, “and many others”:, find that ridiculous.

Yet eventually I surrendered and got one, which I could luckily register through my existing Google account. Annoyed by the Market’s instability, I deleted the GMail account, and noticed that I could still use the Market, downloading both free and paid apps.

Apparently it is Android’s Google account setup wizard that forces you to get a GMail account, not the Market. So just create a temporary GMail account with your regular Google account, complete Android’s Google account wizard and delete the GMail account. That’s it, Android Market without GMail (sort of).