Clostache 1.0 – now spec compliant

I normally merely tweet about new releases of my pet projects, but Clostache, a Mustache parser for Clojure, is hitting 1.0, which I think warrants a blog post.

I changed quite a bit, in order to achieve compliance with the Mustache spec. The spec wasn’t around when I first wrote Clostache, and I learned about it’s existence just a few weeks ago from someone ranting on Twitter. Having a non-compliant Mustache parser didn’t feel right, so I changed that.

I had to fix a few bugs (mostly whitespace issues that don’t matter when producing HTML) and implement two features I never needed and thus ignored: partials and set delimiters. I also had to implement two features I didn’t know about (nor do they seem to be documented anywhere): dotted names and implicit iterators. See the README for examples. I kept the parser core mostly intact because it’s stable and mature by now, but some of the features would have been easier to implement with imperative parsing logic. It would also be faster, but Clostache has no performance issues, so that reason isn’t good enough either.

Anyway, if you’re using Clostache, please update to 1.0 and let me know if you run into any problems.

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