TimTim hits the Android Market

In the past few weeks, I’ve been working on my first Android app: A kitchen timer named TimTim. It’s not exactly rocket science, but I was looking for something simple to explore the Android platform and see how the Market works. I also wanted to push this all the way through to the polish phase quickly, a state my more ambitious projects hardly ever reach.

So what I’ve uploaded a few days ago is a pretty polished kitchen timer, with a lovely fruits design done by my wife. Here’s a screenshot:

Most of the polish work went into the algorithm for rotating the dial based on finger movement. This was significantly more difficult than expected, but I think it works really well now. I also made it possible to rotate the dial with the D-Pad, in case the finger rotation doesn’t work for anyone.

Apart from that, I’ve also added the possibility to manage presets for common kitchen tasks:

Naturally, the alarm is configurable, too:

Because my wife prepared a few designs and we liked them all, I added the possibility to switch skins. Here’s the lemon skin:

And this is my personal favourite, citron:

You can get TimTim for 50 cents on the Android Market. I’m also planning to add it to a few other stores, like SlideME. We’ve already started to work on our next app, a game. Stay tuned.


TimTim is now also available on SlideME and AndroidPIT.

Update 2

I’ve created a free version of TimTim, it’s on the Android Market.

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