Notable projects I contributed to

Notable projects I started

Eclipse Color Theme - An Eclipse plugin that allows you to configure colour themes. You can get it from the Eclipse Marketplace. I’ve also written a blog post about it.

Clostache - A Mustache parser for Clojure.

TimTim - A kitchen timer for Android. You can get it from the Android Market. There is also a free, ad supported version.

Flurfunk - A simple Twitter-like social network for distributed teams.

Algorithms - A demonstration of selected algorithms from the book Introduction to Algorithms, implemented in JavaScript. Read this blog post for more info.

I’ve got a bunch more at GitHub.

There’s also a plethora of projects I didn’t open source, mostly unfinished games. If I do manage to finish and release a game some day, I’m quite determined to make the code open source after a while.

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